We believe there are no genres. There is no such thing as pure fiction, as

pure nonfiction.


Truth lies in words.


Every piece of writing is a confession, a portrait, a voice in the noise.


We respect and support writers that gnaw at the bones of personal truth.


It has been our experience that work that challenges convention need not be experimental or require a degree to comprehend.  It has also been our experience that a huge cross-section of society and culture enjoys work that exists outside of conventional short-lists.


We are developing art books and anthologies that will satisfy the author as well as the reader by challenging them, surprising them, igniting them.


Our publications will range from e-books to hardcovers.







If you have writing or artwork that fits this criteria submit a cover letter

along with a sample or portfolio to


We will be publishing an uncommon anthology each year, so be sure to  follow us on facebook, twitter or our newsletter to receive submission guidelines.

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