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  • Tony Come Back August

    • $8.99
    published 9/2015
    64 pages
    ISBN : 978-0-9897153-1-7

    Tony Come Back August is a rare bird - a collaboration between Tony Gloeggler, a no-nonsense New York poet, and Marco North, an inspired street photographer who shoots film on an old Leica. Gloeggler’s poems about a relationship with an ex-girlfriend’s autistic son are blunt, jarring. North’s images of Tbilisi are lost in time, revealing a fragile, unknown world. The carefully orchestrated friction between these two narratives offers an extraordinarily satisfying whole.

    Tony Gloeggler is an award-winning poet, a man of the streets who uses the simplest words in this series of poems that reads like a novella. His time spent with Joshua is remarkable, noting the minor victories, the epiphanies, and the day-to-day obstacles that accompany caring for an acutely autistic child who is growing into a teenager. Gloeggler’s painful times spent away from the boy are equally poignant, cracking light into the darkest corners of a solitary life in the city. 

    What makes this book more than a book of poems is the editorial vision that interrupts the narrative with bursts of photographs Taking a cue from Delta Blues music the pictures resonate, calling back to the story in a profound refrain. Marco North’s images dig into a deep tradition, informed by Robert Frank and Gary Winogrand. The crumbling fairy tale city of Tbilisi, Georgia seems like another universe to Gloeggler’s, until you witness the caught smile, the empty chair, the teenagers smoking in the street. Then the book comes together, a book to be cherished, a book that begs to read on a train, or be given as a special gift.

    Tony Come Back August

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