Ksenia Diodorova

Ksenia Diodorova was born in Leningrad, Russia in 1985. She graduated from the St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University with a concentration in graphic design. Seven years ago she co-founded the Gonzo Design group.



“My creative biography comes from traveling from place to place and taking photographs of people, mostly in villages – taking pictures of how they live and what they do. I love fairy tales, folk music, traditional feasts and clothes. I can listen to old women singing for hours. My freelance job lets me be on the move constantly. I specialize in visual design, maybe that is why I have a deep inner hunger about all this. I need to feed myself with the world.


The history of mankind and time itself is like a pendulum. We were following the way from rural to urban, from hand labor to machine production, and now we are getting back to basics. Even if not literally. I think, studying traditional cultures is not exotic or romantic. On the contrary it is the study of nature, of where we all came from and understanding it is more like faith, like learning. I take photographs, because it’s my way of studying – I collect it, than take and look into it. I think, that this knowledge is a kind of structure where we all were designed to live in, and it is very important to understand it and feel it.”


- Ksenia Diodorova





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coming in 2016

“Ksenia Diodorova’s work can be considered to be the perceptions of five eyes at one time. There are two  cultural beams, two of her own and the one of the camera. What we can see as a result of this is amazing.”


     - Tohir Kalandarov



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