soft cover and e-book will be published in 2016

Kaleidoscope City

text and illustrations by Marcellus Hall

Kaleidoscope City is a gritty fairy tale, an examination of an exotic and familiar New York through the eyes of a man in love with faces. Marcellus Hall has a light touch and a well-developed sense of humor but at the end of the day he wears his heart on his sleeve. This deftly constructed graphic novel swerves from silent street scenes worthy of a Dziga Vertov film to the interior monologue of a lonely man with quirky grace. Hall yearns for experience, “That beautiful Friday night feeling….it was that mix of hopefulness and expectation that comes when you’re rushing off somewhere. The streets are electric and your heart is beating with the promise of a perfect night….and romance.”


When he walks in the rain, we feel it fall on his face. Hall takes us on adventures, whether they happen inside his ink pots or on a subway platform. Kaleidoscope City is a series of postcards to an unknown reader, intimate and surprisingly disarming.


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