available March 6, 2018

168 pages

ISBN: 978-0989715324

Kaleidoscope City

text and illustrations by Marcellus Hall

“That beautiful Friday night feeling... that mix of hopefulness and expectation that comes when you’re rushing off to somewhere. The streets are electric and your heart is beating with the promise of a perfect night...and romance.”


A lone man navigates the streets of Kaleidoscope City in the aftermath of a broken romance. Buoyed by his curiosity and a search for meaning, with sketchbook in hand, he finds inspiration in unexpected places, from far-flung neighborhoods to fleeting glimpses of a mysterious woman. In this deftly constructed series of postcards to an unknown reader, Marcellus Hall lays bare our universal yearning for experience.


“Kaleidoscope City is a masterpiece of beauty and longing. If you haven’t felt feelings in awhile, pick this up and lose yourself in it. I can’t say enough about how it made my heart beat again.”

- Bob Odenkirk


“Kaleidoscope City feels like a beautiful dream of life in New York, or maybe the memories of someone who has moved away.”

- Adrian Tomine


“Kaleidoscope City is an immigrant’s poetic, lyrical love letter to the magic of Manhattan. Marcellus Hall’s stunning art and prose takes us on a remarkable and unexpected journey filled with longings and discovery. In every brush stoke, he captures the allure that has called so many dreamers to this metropolis and inspired brilliant artistic responses like the one you hold in your hands.”

- Peter Kuper




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