interactive book

to be published in 2016


Ksenia Diodorova

Duende is Ksenia Diodorova’s exploration of El Vacie, one of the oldest shanty towns in Europe. Situated in the suburbs of Seville, the people and the landscape fall under her watchful eye and reveal themselves. This interactive book will incorporate image, text, sound and Ksenia’s narration in an immersive experience.



“They are not nomads anymore, now settled down, most often gazing at a TV. No long skirts, but shirts with glitter. No more bells in their hair but fake gold pins. They drink coke with ice, eating hot dogs and pasta with Heinz ketchup. If you ask me what touched me the most about these people — inside they’re still that same gypsies, like the ones from Gatlif’s movies, the ones from Rajasthan, the ones from Lorca. They have an extra virgin inability for integration, a full resistance to mixing in. I think that’s what we can call their fortitude or strength of mind.”

- Ksenia Diodorova


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