For the modern author, there is nothing more intoxicating, or more daunting, than freedom.


Many writers are interested in a career without an agent or a traditional publisher. The ability to self-publish has created a rift that forces new and established authors to choose: an outdated machine or a solo mission with no ground crew? The lure of profits and percentages, automated publishing and ready-made marketing is overwhelming. Given no option but two polar opposites (the dinosaur or the high wire act) we saw a real need — and an opportunity.



What if a small press could leverage design, digital distribution and marketing know-how with an artist-centric publishing model?


What if the book and the writer come first in every way?


What if we get rid of genres, and publish books defined by nothing but the unique voices of authors?


What if we create anthologies and affordable digital works that introduce many new authors at one time?



Bittersweet Editions will partner with authors and artists the way great small presses used to, by supporting and respecting their work—even challenging it to go deeper, further. We market intelligently. We create stunning cover designs and book trailers.


By being part of a new press, a book will attract more authoritative reviewers. Being published by Bittersweet Editions will put a writers’ work among a very select group.


Our imperative is to become the defacto location for surprising, original work.


Bittersweet Editions is the brainchild of Marco North, Creative Director of Bittersweet Group, a hybrid creative agency and design studio. He is also a well-respected author and photographer, which makes him uniquely suited to balance

what is crucial for authors and what will create success for them.


Marco has developed relationships with an International group of editors, publicists and producers that act as advisors for the new press.


With his “no shortcuts” aesthetic, North is poised to create a solid alternative for serious writers and readers alike.


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